Sunday, October 26, 2014

My First New Comp and my First Baptism!

Oct 26 2014

Hahaha how is everyone doing?! Yes I did baptize that boy Ethan this Saturday and he was confirmed yesterday at church! Such an awesome experience! Yes yes I definitely wrote about it  and I have pictures too so dont worry;)The baptism was really good and I felt pretty overwhelmed and nervous but Ethan was already nervous enough so I had to act calm and relaxed and everything went really smoothly! There were no hiccups and I felt really at peace afterwords. It was special because he reminds me so much of Andrew so it was almost like I was baptizing Drew. It just made me realize how important it is to not take time for granted and to be the best brother I can be:) 

Also we met with George yesterday and he is now on baptism date for the 6th of December! Also we were going through our ward list to follow up with who is in our area and who is less active and we came across a David Barrett who is a less active man that hasn't been to church since the 90's and the only reason he stopped going is because he lost his eye sight and couldnt make it to church! Some people in the ward said they were gonna pick him up and take him so for 3 weeks he got dressed up every Sunday but they never came!:( So as sad as that is- we are going to be able to get him back to church this week! 

(I am still trying to read all of the emails that you sent me!:p That Nissan Skyline looks unreal!! Alright so now you have to buy me a white Ducati and then have someone do that for the paint job;) 

 Man all those pictures look so awesome and Drew looks like he is really growing!! I have taken those pictures that you sent to me and showed them to everyone here and they keep saying how Drew looks like me! I cant wait to skype you on Christmas!! Ive never been so excited for Christmas in all my life! Its amazing to really know how important family is, not only to me but to everyone in the world. Even if people dont have a family they have really close friends that they consider family and that is always a great way to start sharing the gospel with them and telling them that because God loves us he has given us families to help strengthen each other and be able return to live with him again.

When you sent me the pic of Sam when she stepped on the plastic thing I can just imagine in my mind what that sounded like and how she reacted;) hahaha btw I got the letters written and will be sending them off hopefully today! Church was really good and is always the highlight of the week because I can sit back and re-fuel with the spirit for the upcoming week.  

I know its crazy ay?! I cant wait to see how tall he is! Btw we arent supposed to talk to other elders in our area but elder duffus shot me a message and said he missed me and the families we were teaching and also sent me a picture of a bike he saw that he was in love with:p He is getting a bike right when he gets home and I dont think his mum was very happy that I made him fall for bikes haha!  But
Elder Tau is doing good and is trying to help me learn and grow as much as possible. I feel like I have really grown with my teaching skills and my understanding of preach my gospel. He understands that I have been having a hard time and is doing everything he can to help. Ya Duff knows Tau and he knows that he is strict as and that I was gonna have a difficult time adjusting to him and of course Duffus got put with a super chill Elder that he already knew and had served around but I feel like I have really spiritually grown with Elder Tau so as difficult as it has been I think it has been worth it.  President Carter has really been taking care of me and watching out for me and Im so grateful to have him as my mission president. He is such an amazing and inspired man and he actually said that missionaries arent called to their mission, they are called to their mission president and I think I am starting to believe that the more I get to know him.

 How has the week been over there?! It is getting hot as over here! Im gonna die in the summer.... It hit 37 or 38 this last week which is 100 degrees at home and that was just a taste of how hot its gonna be on average every day in the summer. They said last year they had a heat wave come in from Northern Australia and for 2 weeks it was in the mid 40's..... thats like 115-120ish every day and at night when you would try and sleep it would only cool off to about 90... 

I have no clue what will happen with transfers but December 6th is next transfer so I dont know if I will still be here. I am still trying to think of the best way to send my photos home and I think that I am going to use up my whole sd card and then send the card home and have you guys download and save all the pictures on the home computer. I bought a usb here but it takes to long to download all the pics and it doesnt hold that many. I was thinking about buying a hard drive and backing up all the photos on there before I send the card home but a hard drive is expensive!!

Alright we are leaving! I love you all so much and you will get my letters soon!! Please write me some letters!! :p

Love  your son,
Elder Barnett

       Elder Barnett w new companion Elder Tao from French Polynesia

                      Elder Barnett's first Baptism - Ethan!