Sunday, April 19, 2015

When Was the Last Time You Went To The Temple?

Hey guys!!

 Man I totally spaced last week and forgot to tell you that we had our temple trip this week and so our P-Day was moved to Thursday. 

Man this week has been really good and the temple was exactly what I needed. I just felt so recharged spiritually and that's really what I was wanting most. I was really paying attention to all the covenants we make as we go through the temple and its amazing how many things we are promising to Heavenly Father that we will do. The way that we remember it in the mission is by an acronym; Oh Some Good Chocolate Cake. I wanna see if you guys will be able to name them all of the top of your head.

So yes P-Day will still be on Monday this next week so I will be emailing you guys in just a few days. So we just got back from eating a massive KFC Family Feast with the whole district and that was heaps of fun. We got tons of pictures while we were at the temple and I will be sending those off on Monday. Unfortunately I only have about 35 more minutes to email so I will try to make it the best email I can in that short time.

First off that Lamborghini Aventador at church just blew my mind...if you tell me that it was that dude that just bought that McLaren MP4 the other week that you sent me a pic of in the Smiths parking lot I will vomit. That has got to be the prettiest car I have ever seen.

The highlight of this week would be continuing to teach the Ratcliff family and just seeing all of them progress and really dive into the lessons. When we taught them last week the lesson went heaps long and we just covered faith but this week we got through the rest of the 3rd lesson and we had all the kids save their questions till the end. They retained everything that we shared with them and they couldn't wait for the next lesson. We are only able to teach them once a week usually on Monday nights and they told us that we could come over on Friday which is tomorrow and we are gonna have a lesson and then they are taking us out to a restaurant!! I just love teaching these kids and seeing their eyes light up when we start talking about Jesus and Heavenly Father.

They are taking us to a place called Hogsbreath CafĂ© and its like an "American Wannabie" steakhouse but its really good according to them and also our ZL's have been there. Its about 30 bucks a plate... and you get a steak and ribs and curly fries and who knows what else....mmmmm cant wait!!

My headaches are still KILLING me and I have been getting them heaps more frequently and its become like an every other day thing and I had such a bad one on Saturday night at like 8 and I wanted to go home but we had a set lesson with a recent convert so we went and I just like sat in the dark with my hands over my eyes. I went to the doctors and it was the WORST clinic I have ever been to in my life. I had a flipping nun/muslum lady who was really sweet but I couldn't understand a word she was saying. She asked me about when I was getting them and if their was a pattern and then I told her about how much we slept and the hours that we work. Then I said we are away from our families and we never have a day off and she pretty much said "Ok I think the problem is that you're stressed" and I was like NO SHIZ Sherlock hahahaha so Im pretty much stuffed. I hate hearing that I freaking made you stay up all night crying cause I couldn't be there for you to take care of. Trust me all I wanted was an AMERICAN Coke and somewhere to sleep.

Elder Cook and I are doing great and we are continuing to smash the area and are relentlessly finding but we haven't had any success still. Also David one of our investigators went back to Venezuela this week and now the only investigator we have is Brandon Ratcliff. We have been going through all the former investigators and trying to find someone....anyone that we can teach.  OHHHHH MYYYY ok guess who Elder Cook knows in Texas!! The Rothlisberger's!!! They were in his stake and he knows them really well!!! I was dying!!

I have been loving my personal study in the morning and I just finished Alma and I will be honest the last 20 chapters are a bit difficult just cause its about all the wars but there are some gold nuggets in those scriptures. One of my particular favourites is Alma 47 where it is talking about Lamonti and Amalikiah? I don't know how to spell there names but it was so good and I related it to how Satan will try and tempt us in really big ways and we may say no but the real way that he gets us is by slowly tempting us to come down the mountain little by little until we are ensnared by him.
READ the chapter and tell me what you think.

When was the last time you guys went to the temple? The Elders and I were talking about how often we want to go to the temple when we get home and we all said we would strive to do it fortnightly and at the very least once a month. I cant wait to go through the Salt Lake and see the live session!!

Oh ya!! Conference was amazing and I loved a lot of the talks! I especially liked the one about the medicine man talking to the doctor about how he can teach the doctor to dance but he cant teach him to hear the music. It made me think of all the people that are in the church and just do it because its normal and the never question it or challenge there faith or beliefs. Then one day they go less active because they realize they were never going for the right reason and weren't really "hearing the music" they were just doing the dance. That also applies to missionary work really well and directly at me. I thought of all the missionaries that are just out here cause that's what their parents wanted or its just what they were supposed to do. We just get up and do the work because that's what we signed up for. If we are just going through the motions out here than we really aren't changing our nature as people, we are just changing our behaviour, then when we go back home we will be the exact same person as when we left. 

Anyway I love you guys so much and I didn't get to email anyone else today so my email on Monday might not be as long. I will tell you how the dinner went with the Ratcliffs and all that. AHHHHH those pics of Drew and Sam are sooooo cute!! Man Sam is just.....Wowwwwwwww!  I miss her so much!! Alrighty we are leaving!! I love you and will talk to you on Monday!!

Love you!!   
-Elder Barnett

-PO Box 97 Marden, SA 5070 Australia