Monday, February 23, 2015

Hitler, Hell's Angel Roy and Happy 20th Elder B!


Heyyyyyy!!! Man yesterday I couldn't believe that another Monday was just around the corner!! It has been a really good week here but really its been the same old stuff and I'm sure you are sick of hearing that. We have been trying really hard this week to get new investigators and widen our teaching pool, but unfortunately that didn't happen - but my spirits weren't dampened as much as usual. I think it was mostly because I was just talking with as many people as I could - and I am so used to getting rejected - so it just kinda bounced off me. I was really seeking just to have a good conversation with people and leave them with a better impression of who Mormons are- and that we aren't just brainless machines trying to piss everyone off and ruin their day by talking with them.

I did have 2 experiences this week which really made me reflect back on why I'm here. While I was on trade off this week with one of my ZL's (Elder Reese) we were knocking doors and we came to this house and right as we knocked on it an old man came out and I swear it looked like Hitler reincarnated. He was in his 60's and had a Hitler moustache and a broken German accent. The second he opened the door he was already yelling at us and usually people will stay behind the screen door and yell at us but he opened the door and came out on the porch and stood there yelling at us. He wasn't screaming but he was completely convinced that what we were doing as missionaries was the reason that the whole world is going to SH** (profanity is different than in the US! :0 and that the only way that people were going to stop killing each other was if we stopped religion all together. He looked us both in the eye and told us to GO HOME and that we weren't making any difference here. I got pretty depressed after I left that house and luckily my companion was there to pull me away because I was starting to get really angry and I was arguing with him. Elder Reese did his best to calm me down but ultimately it was up me to get myself to relax and let it go.

That guy shook me a little bit and made me think if I was even having any effect or doing any good out here, but something clicked inside me and I realized that what that one man said didn't matter. I KNOW and have been promised and have been told in Priesthood Blessings that what I am doing out here is good.  I KNOW that I have been called to serve these people and if I'm not able to preach then I need to look for opportunities to serve them so that their hearts will be softened down the line. I keep thinking about that experience and honestly I'm grateful for it.

Hell's Angel Roy has still been really busy and is trying to remodel his house because they are planning on moving. Hopefully he stays here for a while so we can teach him more but only time will tell.

Sister Hynds told me that she put all those pics of me with her lizards up on Facebook and that you made a montage of them!! They were the biggest lizards Id ever seen!! Hopefully you can see that the are the length of my entire arm! One of them is a blue tongue lizard that is native to Australia and he felt identical to a snake.....speaking of snakes, mum you may want to look away when I send this next photo. Your boy still loves his animals!

My birthday was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best package in the world!!!! I recorded me opening the whole thing and I freaking loved everything!! The ties..... I love them so much....the tie clips......they are the bomb!! Ahhhh the hymn book and the pillow case!! They were the best!! I love the pillow case so much I don't wanna put it on and drool all over it! Its so funny cause I bought a little hymn book in the MTC that's identical to this one except for having it engraved but its missing all the good stuff on the inside! Luckily Elder Rawlings was in need of one so I gave him my old one and replaced it with this one.
Oh one last thing.... waking up on my birthday and popping my usb into our little dvd player and watching you guys sing me happy birthday was my favorite thing in the world. Grandma's harmony and just seeing you guys busted my heart wide open. Also tell dad I was CRACKING UP when you sent the video where he cracks open the pepsi and says "HERE'S TO YA MATE!!"  I was on the floor laughing hahahaha!

I love you guys so freaking much!!!

-Elder Barnett

-PO Box 97 Marden, SA 5070 Australia






Merry New Year! This is Where I'm Supposed To Be


Ayyyy!! Its so good to hear from you all again!! Skyping was definitely hard and going into it I was really nervous that It was going to make me really home sick but it just confirmed to me that I am doing the right thing and that this is where I'm supposed to be. I'm so happy that I don't have to be home and deal with any drama and out here I only have to worry about doing one thing which is missionary work. It was so good to see everybody and to hear every ones voices. I am so grateful that I have a loving family that is supportive of me and wants me to succeed. I don't think I would be strong enough if I was doing this alone and had no one helping to push me through.

Christmas was....ehhh..... All the other missionaries were talking it up so much and I was expecting it to be heaps of fun but it definitely not Christmas to me, it just felt like a regular day. All the zones did skits and we had like a little talent show which was fun but it your aren't with your family than it doesn't feel right.  Singing in the choir Sunday was really good and everyone can hear my bass cause its sooooo deep hahaha I cant wait for you to hear me sing hymn 44 "Beautiful Zion" which is our mission song. 

The day after Christmas here is called "Boxing Day" which is where everything is on sale and everyone goes out shopping, kind of like black Friday. We had a Multi-Zone conference and President and the assistants were able to train us on how to better introduce the book of Mormon. New Years is now coming up and no we are not allowed to stay out until midnight and watch the fireworks, we have to be in the flat by4pm and stay there the rest of the day cause people get a little cray cray and all the drunks are out. Honestly Im so excited because its the one time we can be in the flat and not go out and they told us to try and do something productive like clean the flat but our flat is clean so Im goin to bed EARLY!! HAHA  Also, I found out I can watch vidoes that you send me so if you took any at Christmas send them to me!!!!

Transfers are tomorrow and we were supposed to find out transfer info this morning but we had some problems with the phone so I still don't know if Im getting transferred and Elder Tau knows who is leaving and wont tell us..... so I guess you will have to wait till next week to see if I am staying here or if I leave!!

My Christmas package was amazing but I am mad that you sent that much!! 80 freakin bucks just to send that is just dumb although I absolutely loved getting it!! Haha the ties are awesome and if you ever wanna send me something, ties are the best thing to get, along with tie clips. I recorded myself opening it and I cried when I opened the picture you sent and also when I saw Sam's little basketball. The letters were so sweet and made me smile all night long. You said something about a chocolate Santa? I never saw one in there but I reckon it would've been fine.

Allie and Paytons gift is so sick!! Drew looks like he is having heaps of fun as well with those bubble things!! Where there any big presents or just little ones? Obviously the best gift for me was seeing all of you and I hope that was your favourite thing as well haha I was just thinking about how many posts on instagram and twitter Sam had made about me since I've been gone. 

Love ya heaps guys and I will talk to year? lolololol   
-Elder Barnett

Then he typed (I just found out I am getting transferred! I leave tomorrow and I haven't haven't packed one thing!! I!) but we didn't get any more info!!!!  ARGH!~!!!!!!

Obssessed with Casey Stoner!



 Shucks another week down and It sounds like a lot more crazy stuff is happening at home. I cannot believe that Bentley is freaking home!!! There is no way that felt like 2 years... man he looks so different. I cant imagine how different he probably is! Also I got an email from Sam Parkinson last week and he said he only had 3 weeks left! Ugh sometimes it makes me wish I left earlier just so I could be done already lolol. 

Its also really strange that my birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 20! I still havent opened my package yet and I was debating on opening it last night so I could email and talk to you about it but I decided it would be best to save it for tomorrow so it actually feels like a little bit of a special day. Also it was Valentines yesterday and I aint got no valentines love oh well I will make up for it when I get home..... 

Sams basketball story really hit home to me and made me miss that girl so freakin much... gosh I want to just be able to hang with her for that week she will be in bed cause I bet that would make her perk up a little having her big brother there;) I LOOOOVED the pictures and I hope my little tiny email made her feel like she was on top of the world, she deserves it.

As for myself this week has been...rather slow just because I have started feeling a bit crook and I think I am coming down with some kind of cold? I have started taking some cold/flu tablets so hopefully that will get rid of it quickly. Also it has been so dang hot this week and yesterday hit 40 I think?......ya 105 degrees and INSIDE our flat it was 87 degrees.... we had the air conditioning blasting and we just stayed in the flat for the middle part of the day cause I wasn't feeling good and we weren't about to go die in the heat. Today we are going to the mission home in Firle to watch Meet the Mormons and I think we are getting a car today!! Cross your fingers for us!!

As for our investigators Roy's daughter in law had her baby this week so he has been busy this whole week but we are seeing him tomorrow I believe.

Ok coolest thing in the world happened yesterday!! We were having dinner with the Mckims last night and we found out that just down the street lives the in laws of one of the top Moto GP riders in the entire world and the number 1 rider in all of Australia!! His name is Casey Stoner and I have been obsessed with him for ages cause he is one of my favorite riders and he is Aussie. Then we came to find out that the Sisters were teaching their family and stopped going there - so we are going to go and visit them!! Brother Mckim said Casey even comes and stays there with them!! Plus the massive V8 race is on in the next week or 2 called the Clipsol 500 and he may be here for that!! Man I would die if I met him!! 

Anyway that's whats been happening with me and I hope you guys are all goin well. 
Elder Barnett
Dear Dad --- Happy Birthday old man!!!! Whoooooo hoooooo 51 has never looked so good!! I cannot believe that 20 years ago you got to see me for the first time and hold me in your arms. Now you have a grown up son some 8000 miles away in Australia serving his mission. I would say as a father that is a job well done. Dad you have taught me everything, you have shown me the way to happiness and have done your best to guide me on the right path and for that I will be forever grateful. I know without a shadow of a doubt that before I came into this world I looked at you and mum and knew that you were the parents that would be able to raise me in a righteous home and help me become the man I am today.

You are my best friend and I cant express in an email how much I love you

Love your son

As Long As I Give it My ALL


Goodaye everyone!! How are yous all goin?! So hopefully you can tell by the subject of this email that we got transfer information and I will be staying in Golden Grove and Elder Rawlings will also be staying with me. Our DL is getting transferred so Elder Rawlings is probably going to be the new DL -which means that we should get the car!! I seriously hope that's the case because it has been as hot as balls over here. For the past 2 days its been 35-38 degrees so right around 100 degrees F. I am actually happy that I am staying with Elder Rawlings just for the fact that I didn't want to lead the area just yet and have to take a new missionary around to meet all the members and introduce him to everyone.

Yesterday we had church and it was probably the best sacrament meeting I have ever been in. We had a speaker that was in the stake young men's presidency I believe? Anyway he was the best public speaker I have ever heard and he spoke on pre-earth life and the fall of Adam and Eve and then talked about agency and how it is the key to Heavenly Fathers plan. It really opened my eyes and made me realize that even if I went the entire rest of my mission without teaching or baptising anyone my mission would've been a success as long as I gave it my all and served the Lord the best I could. At the end of the day everything that I do and say can be accepted or rejected by the person that we are teaching and I need to learn to accept that and be ok with it. I just need to give them the best possible chance to hear the gospel in this life and if the choose to reject it then I know I did the best I could and they are now in Heavenly Fathers hands.

The area is still the same and our investigators haven't really been goin anywhere but we are hoping to get Roy (the Hell's Angel) to church this next Sunday. Bishop Williamson is coming out with us to teach on Wednesday and we are trying to get some more members involved with fellowshipping him into the ward because he doesn't know many people and is struggling to find a desire to come to church because he feels like he will be judged like he has in the past with other churches. He told us his main concern that he felt was holding him up which was feeling like he couldn't be forgiven for the things that he had done and the type of life he has lived. He doesn't feel like God could love a child that has stuffed up as bad as he has so we are really stressing repentance and helping him realize that we can be forgiven of any of our sins.

Other than that my week has been pretty much normal and there hasn't been anything too crazy happening. Duffus has been emailing me and telling me about all the stuff he is doing and the girls he is dating. He is loving life and has sent me heaps of photos cause when he got home he got to go to E.F.Y and be a counsellor and then after that went to convention which is where all the Y.S.A from around Australia get together and have a massive party/dance thing and they just hang out for like a week. He asked me if I wanted anything for my birthday haha.

I hope all is going well at home and that the renters were able to move in smoothly!!
-Elder Barnett

-PO Box 97 Marden, SA 5070 Australia

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Australia Day and Fire Clean Up


Jan 22-Feb 1 2015
Oiii family!! How are yous goin?! Sorry I couldn't email yesterday, it was Australia day and everything was closed so our P-day was moved to today.
Yesterday we got to go up in the hills and help for like 4 hours doing fire damage clean up!! We were picking up logs and cutting down burnt trees and moving heaps of stuff. It was definitely a good workout:p
I just read your email about Sam and I cant believe what happened to her.... I saw that picture and I just winced... I wish I could talk with her and just see how she is goin. I cant believe she had to miss her preference dance as well:( I'll write her a letter but just let her know it will take ages to get there. 
I only have 10 minutes left but Elder Rawlings is doing good and has gotten heaps better so hopefully we can keep goin out and smashing it. The area is ehhhh...I love the members and the area itself is awesome but missionary wise not so much.  Its known as one of the hardest areas due to the fact that it is such a wealthy area and somehow this prosperity makes people harder to reach cuz they are content with life? We met a guy that lives in our area named Rod. He works for the Holden V8 racing team and this is his garage.... he has about 8 or 9 cars and he has been collecting all this stuff for about 20 years.....needless to say I almost died when he opened the door. He had 2 locks on the door and then a keypad to unlock it hahaha
But We are in need of finding some new investigators but all we can do is keep pushing forward!!
Tell Sammy I love her to bits and give her a big hug. I cant believe this keeps happening, she just needs to have 1 full season where nothing bad happens to her!!
I love you so much momma!! You are what keeps me goin when things get tuff out here!
-Elder Barnett


Feb 1, 2015
Hi family!!!

 This week has been really good and I have been doing heaps better. We got to help with the fire clean up again on Saturday and we were all on channel 7 news!! I have some photos of us after we did the service cause we were dirty as!!

Nothing too crazy has happened this week but today we get to go to a place called St. Kilda which is like a MASSIVE playground for adults and I will take heaps of photos and send them off to you guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally do something different than just playing sport!

Also this is the last week of the transfer and it has gone by really fast. I am so happy to hear that Sam is going to be recovering quickly and I hope that will lift her spirits a little bit.

Also tell mum that I got my birthday package on Saturday!! I haven't opened it yet but I really want to!!!

Holy crap!!! That basement is mind blowing..... like I was just down there with a sledgehammer knocking out concrete!!

Alrighty we are headed off right now but we are gonna get another hour to email tonight when we come home from St Kilda. Love you so much!!

Your Son
Elder Barnett