Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Short and Sweet and 10 lbs on Elder B!

Nate's email this week was short and sweet with the attached pictures.  Lots of personal stuff, so I'll translate instead of post the whole thing:

He's got very limited time at the library to read and send emails, and apparently sending photos takes a long time!  They actually make them log in and use the computer for exactly an hour at a time, so when his time is up, and there isn't another computer available, that's it!  :(  He and Elder Duff-Us are doing great, he's so grateful for another stint with him as Companion until the next transfer date.  Nate is kind of hitting a little spot of Homesickness and missing the family alot. (I'm told that it's to be expected around that 2 month mark?) He's resolved to get back to basics in studying the stories in the Book of Mormon and learning the Parables more thoroughly in the Bible.  He said he's going to start singing the old primary songs of his youth!!  He was kind of bummed because the gentleman named George that he spoke about before, that he committed to baptism, was called away to help his brother who was in a very serious car accident (hit from behind by a semi truck). Nate is trying to figure out a way to get in touch with him, but he fears it won't be until after the next transfer when he may change areas.  At least a seed was planted?

The weather is perfect right now, reaching the low 70s during the day. Great photo of him out tracting with "a friend".  And as the momma, I was so glad to stalk the cleanliness of their room in the bottom photo - leave it to Nate to have things organized and at right angles.  Yep, that's Elder Barnett to a T.  Leaving his "mark" on the Flat.

He sends his love to all.  His email is nathan.barnett@myldsmail.net if you want to give him a shout. He sure could use the love and support- even if he's not able to respond personally - it means so much to him when his email is full.

PS, he says he's gained 10 lbs!!!!! :)

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