Sunday, August 24, 2014

For the Love of Motorbikes!!!

Hey so you havent sent the package yet? You dont need to send the backpack or really anything anymore. I thought a backpack would be expensive but I got one for 25 bucks so no big deal:)

Oh and Elder Duffus's mum tried sending you an email to the address that you sent her and it didnt work? So I will just give you this one that is hers so you can email back and forth, it is

Ok this week has been great and I finally feel like I am connecting with investigators and not just sitting there like a zombie and making Elder Duffus do all the work. Today is the end of the FIRST TRANSFER!! Can you believe it?! I was hoping and praying that I would stay in my same area with Elder Duffus because we work so well together and we are becoming really good friends and I got my wish! We are staying in the same area together for this next transfer and he might become zone leader, we will find out more tomorrow:) Im so mad that he goes home so much earlier than me because he is someone I would want to come back here and visit with and he really wants to come and stay in Utah with us and buy a motorcycle with me:p

 I cant believe how happy I actually am, without having all the comforts of home. Even though this is by far the hardest thing Ive ever done, it has been so rewarding and so much fun! Being able to meet these families and grow so close with them and develop such a strong love for them is absolutely incredible. I wish you all of you were here so I could have you meet these people that I consider my Aussie family:)

Oh also I was on trade off with my zone leader and I was leading my area without Elder Duffus! I was with Elder Flintoft and we went to go teach George, who is 61 and wants to join a religion but he wants to make sure it is the right one before he joins. He has researched heaps of different religions and thinks that ours makes the most sense.

I believe George is one of the people I was called to this area to teach because, of course, he has a love for motorbikes! I am able to relate everything to bikes and it helps him understand and he gets really involved with the lessons. Anyways we were teaching him and the spirit kept prompting me to invite him to baptism, but I was scared and tried to just keep teaching and then I felt it again. I stopped talking and just waited for a little and then asked him. He looked right into my eyes and smiled and said YES! I didnt know what to say! So I just jumped up and hugged him hahaha It was such a humbling experience to know that I was able to be that tool that Heavenly Father needed to bring his son back to him.

 **** Hey Daddy! I will see If I can get another computer but I think we will be leaving to go do shopping and play some sport. I miss you so much and hope you are having fun in Cali! Its amazing that so much of Australia reminds me of Cali cause of the big palm trees. If I dont get to respond to your email that you're writing,  just know I love you and I hope you know how happy I am and I know that serving this mission was the best decision I have ever made. Im so happy I am able to have a father that is a great example to me:)

 Love your son

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