Sunday, November 2, 2014

Be Happy, Work Hard.

Nov 2, 2014

Hello Barnett's!! Man 4 months down and 20 to go!! Can't believe it! I feel like I have been out for ages but in reality I am still brand new! 

This week has been so good and I looked back in my journal last night and realized that every single day I have wrote that I have been happy and have loved my mission! Things have been going so well and that's what I really needed to happen. 

This week I have been focusing on being happy and finding joy in everyday missionary routine which is really difficult because missionary work is HARD and honestly its difficult to just stay awake during the day, let alone be happy. Also I have been striving on working with my confidence and trying not to dwell on the things that I cant do perfectly and focusing on the things that I can do well. I have been able to see myself improve significantly over this past week simply due to the fact that I'm not doubting myself and my skills and because of that I am able to speak with more power and conviction and also able to bear a stronger testimony because I'm not judging myself the whole time I am speaking.

This week were able to find an amazing potential investigator named Anna and she is a born again Christian and we just started chatting to her on the street while she was about to walk across the road to her sisters to have tea (tea means dinner here) anyway we asked her about her beliefs and how she came about believing in God and why she gave her life to Christ and then just told her that as missionaries we go around and help people strengthen their faith in Christ and that we are able to provide more knowledge to her. We told her that we wanted to come back some other time and have a chat with her and talk more about our church and she said that would be great! She is going on holiday for the next 2 weeks so if I don't get transferred I may be able to get her as a new investigator!

Also really good news! We were teaching the Wirihana-Hawea family last night and we were talking to Haare (ha-day) who is pretty much the man of the house because the dad split. He is 19 and is dating Cerise and they have a 3 year old daughter named huni (honey). Haare isn't even really part of the family but he still acts as the dad haha but we were talking to him and going over the restoration and he was really interested to learn more. He doesn't really know anything about the church and was baptised as a Christian but stopped going to church because he was being forced by his Auntie but the whole family committed to come to church next week!!  

Halloween is pretty much dead here and I only saw like 15 people trick or treating and that was really weird and it is just so freakin hot. It stays about 100 degrees constantly here during the summer...

Also this week we were walking around and street contacting and we met this guy named Travis watering his lawn, he wasn't really interested in religion but as we were walking away from his house I saw in his driveway that he had a Yamaha R1 and I freaked out and ran back up to him and started talking to him about it and he ran and grabbed the keys and brought it out for me and started it up and let me sit on it and get pictures!! Man that was the highlight for my day!! I will send you some pics of Elder Tau and I and also pics of the bike!!  
Hahaha I thought I was tired before my mission.... You dont realize how good you had it until you leave it haha!

Oh mom,btw, I am in the Choir for the Christmas program we are doing here and our first practice is today!!

Ahh I love Sister Touli!! You need to do one other thing to my facebook and make it so that anyone can friend me and that you dont need to confirm who is my friend. After emailing I think Im gonna go get some KFC or Hungry Jacks. KFC is SO big here and it is way different then KFC back home cause its way modern and nice here and you get chicken burgers and chips and a drink. It reminds me of chick fil a but way better:p I miss cheap food!! Let me give you an example.... A 30 pack of coke here is 25 bucks....for 2 litres of coke its 4.50. Plus the coke tastes different here and its not as good. Fanta is massive here and there is another drink called Solo which is sparkling lemonade and I love it!!

Anyways I gotta go but give everyone a hug for me!!
Love you so much!
Elder Barnett

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