Sunday, November 23, 2014

Semaphore, South Australia for Christmas!!!

(Forgot to Post this last week)

November 16, 2014

I am staying in Semaphore for Christmas!!

 Just got transfer information this morning and I cant believe that this transfer will be my 6 month mark... like what just happened? You will all get to skype me in my first area that I was born in!! Elder Tau will be staying with me as well and things have been going good. I just think that on Christmas Day he is gonna be really cross with me cause he will probably only skype his family for 45 min and I will be talking to you guys for ages!! Hopefully we can go to the Touli's for Christmas so you can meet all of them!
Oh my gosh I forgot to wish you a happy birthday mom!! I forgot that I wouldnt be able to email you!! How was it?! What did you do? How is all the family goin and what is the latest with life?

 Our investigator Daniel is set to be baptised on December 6th and he is really exited to do it! He came to church yesterday and we were able to take him on a chapel tour and show him the font and take him up on the stage and show him the pulpit and everything. Elder Tau took him down into the baptismal font and the second he stepped into it he said, "wow I can just feel that this is a holy place" CRAZY AY?!

 I had a gut feeling yesterday that I was going to get transferred so we went and saw the Touli's and the Chau's which are the 2 families in the ward that are pretty much my family here. I was so sad yesterday because I was so convinced that I was gone. Everyone in the ward was coming up to me and saying how much they loved and appreciated me and wishing me luck for the rest of my mission...its gonna be funny rocking up to church next week and seeing their faces haha

Hahaha no thanksgiving here!! What day even is it? (that just shows how American I am) 

Also in answer to your question, we ask the person who they would like to baptise them and usually we try and have someone in the ward do it to kind of fellowship them in because missionaries come and go but if they have the person that baptised them in the ward that just gives them more incentive to go every week!

Anything for Christmas sounds amazing!  We get the lollies here, theyre so good!  And New Zealand chocolate is the absolute BEST!!!

Leaving in 10 mins.  Sorry for the quick update!


Elder Barnett

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