Monday, December 1, 2014

Yams, Heavenly Potatoes, and Baptisms

Man another week down and it is already December!! Only a few more weeks until Christmas and I get to see all of you!! Ahhh Im so exited!! 

This week has been really good, even though I didn't have thanksgiving dinner... but even though I didn't get to have turkey I did get to have a baptism!! Daniel was baptized on Saturday and was confirmed yesterday at church by Brother Touli. It was a really good experience and Daniel said he was really able to feel the spirit. I was asked by him to give a talk at the baptism and yes it is still just as scary as ever even though Im a missionary. Actually its even more nerve racking now because people are expecting you to be a good speaker and to blow their mind with your testimony haha

The talk went alright and then Elder Tau baptized him and he had to do it twice cause his leg came up the first Also the Wirihana-hawea family came to church yesterday as well!! They stayed for the whole time and the kids said that they loved it. We have continued teaching Haare and he is progressing really well and we had a lesson with him the other night and he prayed for the first time in front of us!! Man it was the best prayer I have ever heard and it was so sincere. He prayed for his family and for him to be able to receive the answers that he is looking for and then he went on to say how grateful he was for his family and all the blessings that he has. The lesson we had with him was on the Plan of Salvation and it went really well and he understood everything and didn't really have any questions, he said he was just "soaking everything up." Then at the end of the lesson we asked why he was wanting to learn more and what was his goal that he wants to work towards and he actually started bearing us his testimony without even realizing it and then said that he wants to be baptized once he has had all of the lessons!! I cant believe how far he has come and he has been such a good example for his family and has actually been they key to getting them all re-activated in the church!!
I hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving!! I was thinking about mums heavenly potatoes and those yams... mmmm I want it right now!! Lucky enough last night we got to go to the Touli's and have dinner there and every Sunday night is pretty much Thanksgiving haha heaps of family and a massive feed.

Well Im gonna try and send you some more pictures really quick while I email president!

Love ya heaps!!


-Elder Barnett

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