Sunday, June 14, 2015


Man it has been the craziest weekend I have ever had and probably the 2 most fun days as well. We have had such a packed schedule trying to go and see everyone and set up the baptism for yesterday. Everything went so great and we had a really good turn out. The family was getting a little flustered trying to get everything ready and get clothes for Brandon and Ben to wear. Also sorting out the program for the baptism and getting all the talks, hyms. prayers, and food sorted.

So obviously yes the baptism was the highlight of this week and it went really smooth. I gave a talk on baptism and I was super sketched out cause there was gonna be heaps of non-members and I wanted to smash the talk and it was alright but I will always be nervous when I have to give a talk. Also Elder McMurray and I sang I Need Thee Every Hour (a Capella) with one other guy in the ward. It sounded pretty good seeing as we only practiced for 15 min before it all started. haha! Everyone was really able to feel the spirit and it brought Ben's parents to tears who are both non-members. The actual ordinance went great and Ben said all the words perfectly even though he was really nervous. We were able to enjoy some refreshments after the baptism and talk with everyone there and they really enjoyed the service and were able to feel the Spirit.

On Saturday we woke up and left the flat at 9 and went with the Apelgren family to their property where they keep their horse and we did some service for them and washed and brushed their horse...really it was an excuse just for us to go and see some horses and be with their family haha! but it was heaps of fun and I got pictures of everything. Then after that we went to Branden's basketball game for 40 min and watched him play and then went to lunch with them at a sushi restaurant. Then we got home and went to the Pearce's to do some service and help mow the lawn and prune the rose bushes. Then we went home and showered and changed and then we were off to the ward potluck dinner and quiz night and It was sooooo much fun!!! Ahhhh man missionaries live for ward activities and that's like the 3rd or 4th one Ive ever been to!!

Then Sunday we had church and then ward council and then the baptism and dinner and then saw some less actives so It has been a hella hecktic week!!

I LOOOOOOVE all the photos and holy crap my little brother looks my OWN freaking size!!!!! I cant even imagine what he's gonna look like in another kinda breaks my heart that Im not there for him and Sammy while they are in these important years of their life.

I hope you guys are doing so good and I am so jealous of all the fun you are having.






IT'S GREAT TO BE 8! * CTR *  i hope they call me on a mission * ARMY OF HELAMAN

-Elder Barnett

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