Sunday, August 17, 2014

Its All About the Details and Pics!

WOW this has been an amazing week and it is so crazy how fast the days go by here!! Ok really quick to answer some of the questions you have that I havent answered haha... Ok yes we do have a car and I will be driving after my training is finished which is 2 transfers and I cant believe my first transfer is almost over!!! The sausages are just beef sausages that you can get at any supermarket and they come in a big pack and they are only like 7 bucks:) ummm I will be sending heaps of pictures and I took a picture of Elder Duffus and I in the car on the way over to the library so now you will know what I look like today  :p

About the emailing back and forth, it is completely fine and yes all the other missionaries from the states do the same thing. BTW my district leaders name is Elder Christensen and he is neighbors to Sams Peyton and knows everyone including Jim and Issac Beckett! 

About the package that I need. The Burton backpack is totally fine and I cant think of anything else I really need. The sweater would be nice but it really doesnt matter all that much. My cologne here is almost out so I just was wondering if you could send that cause the prices here are nuts... I can buy stamps here and I will do that today when we go shopping. I wish there was another way for me to get pictures to you because its so hard  trying to send them over the internet because I can only send 2 at a time and they take ages to send!

I am going to buy a little USB port and download all of my pics on there so my camera doesnt get backed up with pictures but I know my SD card can hold heaps of photos.

Im going to read through your email again and see if I missed any other questions lol- feel free to ask me anymore that you have!! Ya I can look at my past emails but I dont have time!! I barely have enough time to read the emails I get this week! I had 17 today!

Hhahaha ok a normal day consists of getting up at 6:30 and then working out for 30 min, then getting ready from 7 till 8 and then personal study from 8 till 9 and then comp study from 9 to 10 then extra hour of study since im new from 10 till 11 and then lunch from 11 till 12 then we have appointments with recent converts or less active members throughout the day and then mix in some finding here and there and then dinner at 6 to 7 and then more appointments and then be home by 9 and plan for the next day and get ready for bed and write in your journal and do whatever till 10:30.

Yes I went on trade off with Elder Christensen and it was eye opening to see how diligent he was with finding and talking to everyone we rode past. we were on bikes that day and we would stop and talk to people at the bus or wherever. Its really freaky and i dont like it at all but the only way to get better is by throwing yourself in those uncomfortable situations and sometimes failing and then realizing what to do better next time.

Yes we had a baptism for Brother Singh on the 10th! A member in the ward that he became friends with baptised him but is was still a great experience. He is so converted and its incredible to see someone change their entire way of living and go against not only their existing faith but also their family! His father in law was very against him joining the church but he said there is only one person that he needs to please and that is Heavenly Father!! What a STUD!

Best story... um not really anything too crazy but the picture I sent you last week of Elder Duffus and I with that big family, they are the Tueli family and completely remind me of our family. I love them to death and they are some of the kindest and most humble people ive ever seen. Plus their son Kerwin is the really buff Samoan kid in the front and he is probably the best looking guy Ive ever seen. Girls just drop for him not because of his looks but because of his humility and willingness to serve others and always be a friend. The mom totally reminds me of you and is the nicest lady ever! I have to go grab another computer cause my times up so It might take a few minutes and then I will send you all of the pictures I can!

Gotta go mum! We got some shopping to do and then we are gonna go play sport and kick the footy around! Love you and I hope those photos satisfy your for this week;) haha


Love your son


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