Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lava Lava! Check it off the Bucket List

So this weeks email is really choppy.  We heard the sound of Nate's email coming in and it was the following 2 lines:  
Nate:  Hey Mom are you on the computer?!! You said its like 8 or 9 at night on Sunday so hopefully you see this while im writing the long email!!
Me:  Yes, we are ALL HERE reading this from you!!! 
Nate: oh my gosh!!! I have the biggest smile on my face! im in the middle of the email im writing and it says new emails!!Cmon guys type faster!! hahahaha im dying over here!!

So with Allie and Payton over for Sunday dinner, we all got on our phones and the computer and bombarded him with emails!!!  He actually got to write immediate responses back and forth a little bit as if texting!  What an incredible feeling knowing that he is sitting in a library in Adelaide Australia at noon on MONDAY morning, typing back and forth to us in Utah at 8:00 Sunday night!  Technology is insane!  We've gotta get the kinks worked out with his ability to send pictures...but for now, the following will have to do.  All I know that for me and the family tonight,  it's been so awesome knowing that he was just a few keystrokes away!!!
Ok so this has been an incredible week here and I have never been more happy in my life! Its funny how I can be happy doing something I dont really like (tracting) and sharing something I know almost nothing about, plus not having the luxuries of home and I am still so happy!!! These emails from you and dad are incredible.... I cant believe what is happening at home... Ok so I will try to email everyone back but i mostly focus on just emailing you everything and then you just telling people or updating the blog. Its so hard cause I only have a limited time and for half of the time im in the library im reading the long emails! lol but the whole thing with dads hand is crazy and all of the Elders are scared of him just from hearing that story hahaha but I hope he is doing well and Im happy he doesnt have to have a cast! Im glad I wasnt there to see him get that angry because that really doesnt happen anymore.

(We kept sending him email after email that he was responding to, so he said, Ok so this is what I have so far that I was typing!! hahahaha ahhhh im not even going to be able to type fast enough!!!!)

Sam the MTC is a hard place with an insane schedule. It is full of people that know more than you and it seems like everyone knows more than you. It was so hard for me to stay postitve while I was there because I always felt inadaquite...don't know how to spell that word... but i knew that what I was doing was right and that as long as I was trying my hardest that the Lord would make up for my short comings. After getting out to the mission field I realized how different it is from the MTC. The hard thing about the MTC is the schedule and the insane amount of info they want you to memorize. In the field you get discouraged and depressed much quicker because no one wants to hear what you have prepared and studied to share. You realize how much you need to rely on the Lord and this gospel.

 Luckily I haven't had anyone that has been extremely rude to me or cussed me out. But every single door you meet such great people and see how much the gospel could help them with their struggles and addictions or help them come closer to their family but they want nothing to do with any church and they are content living their life in darkness. Most people will act very weird when you start talking to them because its not normal for someone on a bike to stop and talk with you if you are sitting at a bus stop. Then when you bring up church it gets even weirder... I absolutely hate it and hate talking to people about the church but I love just talking and getting to know people. Once I break down their defense a little and they start talking to me I know that the second I bring up church they are going to rebuke me and want nothing to do with me. They act like I have a disease they could catch and will do everything to get away from me. It doesnt really get easier but when you meet that one person who actually wants to speak with you it makes up for everything.  
SAMMY im doing soooo good!! I miss you like crazy and I have a shrine that i made in the Flat of your picture with a bowl of coffee beans and candles in it!!!! I will send you a picture! Hold on let me grab the camera! I sent Drew his own email tell him to check it!

Ok the cord to upload pics isnt working but Elder Empey has a SD card reader that i can borrow when he is done sending his pics

Im at the library right by the huge-as mall but today we are going to go downtown and walk around with the whole district!! I cant wait to get some pictures and some food!! Ok everyone is waiting on me so we can go..... It takes so long to send pictures I hate it!! Im sorry I cant send more but I love all of you and I will start writing real letters so I can send them whenever.

Love you!!

Elder B, Rockin the Lava Lava! (check that off his bucket list!)

Elder Barnett with Companion Elder Duffus ("Duff Us" :)

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