Monday, February 23, 2015

Hitler, Hell's Angel Roy and Happy 20th Elder B!


Heyyyyyy!!! Man yesterday I couldn't believe that another Monday was just around the corner!! It has been a really good week here but really its been the same old stuff and I'm sure you are sick of hearing that. We have been trying really hard this week to get new investigators and widen our teaching pool, but unfortunately that didn't happen - but my spirits weren't dampened as much as usual. I think it was mostly because I was just talking with as many people as I could - and I am so used to getting rejected - so it just kinda bounced off me. I was really seeking just to have a good conversation with people and leave them with a better impression of who Mormons are- and that we aren't just brainless machines trying to piss everyone off and ruin their day by talking with them.

I did have 2 experiences this week which really made me reflect back on why I'm here. While I was on trade off this week with one of my ZL's (Elder Reese) we were knocking doors and we came to this house and right as we knocked on it an old man came out and I swear it looked like Hitler reincarnated. He was in his 60's and had a Hitler moustache and a broken German accent. The second he opened the door he was already yelling at us and usually people will stay behind the screen door and yell at us but he opened the door and came out on the porch and stood there yelling at us. He wasn't screaming but he was completely convinced that what we were doing as missionaries was the reason that the whole world is going to SH** (profanity is different than in the US! :0 and that the only way that people were going to stop killing each other was if we stopped religion all together. He looked us both in the eye and told us to GO HOME and that we weren't making any difference here. I got pretty depressed after I left that house and luckily my companion was there to pull me away because I was starting to get really angry and I was arguing with him. Elder Reese did his best to calm me down but ultimately it was up me to get myself to relax and let it go.

That guy shook me a little bit and made me think if I was even having any effect or doing any good out here, but something clicked inside me and I realized that what that one man said didn't matter. I KNOW and have been promised and have been told in Priesthood Blessings that what I am doing out here is good.  I KNOW that I have been called to serve these people and if I'm not able to preach then I need to look for opportunities to serve them so that their hearts will be softened down the line. I keep thinking about that experience and honestly I'm grateful for it.

Hell's Angel Roy has still been really busy and is trying to remodel his house because they are planning on moving. Hopefully he stays here for a while so we can teach him more but only time will tell.

Sister Hynds told me that she put all those pics of me with her lizards up on Facebook and that you made a montage of them!! They were the biggest lizards Id ever seen!! Hopefully you can see that the are the length of my entire arm! One of them is a blue tongue lizard that is native to Australia and he felt identical to a snake.....speaking of snakes, mum you may want to look away when I send this next photo. Your boy still loves his animals!

My birthday was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best package in the world!!!! I recorded me opening the whole thing and I freaking loved everything!! The ties..... I love them so much....the tie clips......they are the bomb!! Ahhhh the hymn book and the pillow case!! They were the best!! I love the pillow case so much I don't wanna put it on and drool all over it! Its so funny cause I bought a little hymn book in the MTC that's identical to this one except for having it engraved but its missing all the good stuff on the inside! Luckily Elder Rawlings was in need of one so I gave him my old one and replaced it with this one.
Oh one last thing.... waking up on my birthday and popping my usb into our little dvd player and watching you guys sing me happy birthday was my favorite thing in the world. Grandma's harmony and just seeing you guys busted my heart wide open. Also tell dad I was CRACKING UP when you sent the video where he cracks open the pepsi and says "HERE'S TO YA MATE!!"  I was on the floor laughing hahahaha!

I love you guys so freaking much!!!

-Elder Barnett

-PO Box 97 Marden, SA 5070 Australia






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