Sunday, February 1, 2015

Australia Day and Fire Clean Up


Jan 22-Feb 1 2015
Oiii family!! How are yous goin?! Sorry I couldn't email yesterday, it was Australia day and everything was closed so our P-day was moved to today.
Yesterday we got to go up in the hills and help for like 4 hours doing fire damage clean up!! We were picking up logs and cutting down burnt trees and moving heaps of stuff. It was definitely a good workout:p
I just read your email about Sam and I cant believe what happened to her.... I saw that picture and I just winced... I wish I could talk with her and just see how she is goin. I cant believe she had to miss her preference dance as well:( I'll write her a letter but just let her know it will take ages to get there. 
I only have 10 minutes left but Elder Rawlings is doing good and has gotten heaps better so hopefully we can keep goin out and smashing it. The area is ehhhh...I love the members and the area itself is awesome but missionary wise not so much.  Its known as one of the hardest areas due to the fact that it is such a wealthy area and somehow this prosperity makes people harder to reach cuz they are content with life? We met a guy that lives in our area named Rod. He works for the Holden V8 racing team and this is his garage.... he has about 8 or 9 cars and he has been collecting all this stuff for about 20 years.....needless to say I almost died when he opened the door. He had 2 locks on the door and then a keypad to unlock it hahaha
But We are in need of finding some new investigators but all we can do is keep pushing forward!!
Tell Sammy I love her to bits and give her a big hug. I cant believe this keeps happening, she just needs to have 1 full season where nothing bad happens to her!!
I love you so much momma!! You are what keeps me goin when things get tuff out here!
-Elder Barnett


Feb 1, 2015
Hi family!!!

 This week has been really good and I have been doing heaps better. We got to help with the fire clean up again on Saturday and we were all on channel 7 news!! I have some photos of us after we did the service cause we were dirty as!!

Nothing too crazy has happened this week but today we get to go to a place called St. Kilda which is like a MASSIVE playground for adults and I will take heaps of photos and send them off to you guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally do something different than just playing sport!

Also this is the last week of the transfer and it has gone by really fast. I am so happy to hear that Sam is going to be recovering quickly and I hope that will lift her spirits a little bit.

Also tell mum that I got my birthday package on Saturday!! I haven't opened it yet but I really want to!!!

Holy crap!!! That basement is mind blowing..... like I was just down there with a sledgehammer knocking out concrete!!

Alrighty we are headed off right now but we are gonna get another hour to email tonight when we come home from St Kilda. Love you so much!!

Your Son
Elder Barnett

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