Monday, February 23, 2015

Obssessed with Casey Stoner!



 Shucks another week down and It sounds like a lot more crazy stuff is happening at home. I cannot believe that Bentley is freaking home!!! There is no way that felt like 2 years... man he looks so different. I cant imagine how different he probably is! Also I got an email from Sam Parkinson last week and he said he only had 3 weeks left! Ugh sometimes it makes me wish I left earlier just so I could be done already lolol. 

Its also really strange that my birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 20! I still havent opened my package yet and I was debating on opening it last night so I could email and talk to you about it but I decided it would be best to save it for tomorrow so it actually feels like a little bit of a special day. Also it was Valentines yesterday and I aint got no valentines love oh well I will make up for it when I get home..... 

Sams basketball story really hit home to me and made me miss that girl so freakin much... gosh I want to just be able to hang with her for that week she will be in bed cause I bet that would make her perk up a little having her big brother there;) I LOOOOVED the pictures and I hope my little tiny email made her feel like she was on top of the world, she deserves it.

As for myself this week has been...rather slow just because I have started feeling a bit crook and I think I am coming down with some kind of cold? I have started taking some cold/flu tablets so hopefully that will get rid of it quickly. Also it has been so dang hot this week and yesterday hit 40 I think?......ya 105 degrees and INSIDE our flat it was 87 degrees.... we had the air conditioning blasting and we just stayed in the flat for the middle part of the day cause I wasn't feeling good and we weren't about to go die in the heat. Today we are going to the mission home in Firle to watch Meet the Mormons and I think we are getting a car today!! Cross your fingers for us!!

As for our investigators Roy's daughter in law had her baby this week so he has been busy this whole week but we are seeing him tomorrow I believe.

Ok coolest thing in the world happened yesterday!! We were having dinner with the Mckims last night and we found out that just down the street lives the in laws of one of the top Moto GP riders in the entire world and the number 1 rider in all of Australia!! His name is Casey Stoner and I have been obsessed with him for ages cause he is one of my favorite riders and he is Aussie. Then we came to find out that the Sisters were teaching their family and stopped going there - so we are going to go and visit them!! Brother Mckim said Casey even comes and stays there with them!! Plus the massive V8 race is on in the next week or 2 called the Clipsol 500 and he may be here for that!! Man I would die if I met him!! 

Anyway that's whats been happening with me and I hope you guys are all goin well. 
Elder Barnett
Dear Dad --- Happy Birthday old man!!!! Whoooooo hoooooo 51 has never looked so good!! I cannot believe that 20 years ago you got to see me for the first time and hold me in your arms. Now you have a grown up son some 8000 miles away in Australia serving his mission. I would say as a father that is a job well done. Dad you have taught me everything, you have shown me the way to happiness and have done your best to guide me on the right path and for that I will be forever grateful. I know without a shadow of a doubt that before I came into this world I looked at you and mum and knew that you were the parents that would be able to raise me in a righteous home and help me become the man I am today.

You are my best friend and I cant express in an email how much I love you

Love your son

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