Monday, February 23, 2015

As Long As I Give it My ALL


Goodaye everyone!! How are yous all goin?! So hopefully you can tell by the subject of this email that we got transfer information and I will be staying in Golden Grove and Elder Rawlings will also be staying with me. Our DL is getting transferred so Elder Rawlings is probably going to be the new DL -which means that we should get the car!! I seriously hope that's the case because it has been as hot as balls over here. For the past 2 days its been 35-38 degrees so right around 100 degrees F. I am actually happy that I am staying with Elder Rawlings just for the fact that I didn't want to lead the area just yet and have to take a new missionary around to meet all the members and introduce him to everyone.

Yesterday we had church and it was probably the best sacrament meeting I have ever been in. We had a speaker that was in the stake young men's presidency I believe? Anyway he was the best public speaker I have ever heard and he spoke on pre-earth life and the fall of Adam and Eve and then talked about agency and how it is the key to Heavenly Fathers plan. It really opened my eyes and made me realize that even if I went the entire rest of my mission without teaching or baptising anyone my mission would've been a success as long as I gave it my all and served the Lord the best I could. At the end of the day everything that I do and say can be accepted or rejected by the person that we are teaching and I need to learn to accept that and be ok with it. I just need to give them the best possible chance to hear the gospel in this life and if the choose to reject it then I know I did the best I could and they are now in Heavenly Fathers hands.

The area is still the same and our investigators haven't really been goin anywhere but we are hoping to get Roy (the Hell's Angel) to church this next Sunday. Bishop Williamson is coming out with us to teach on Wednesday and we are trying to get some more members involved with fellowshipping him into the ward because he doesn't know many people and is struggling to find a desire to come to church because he feels like he will be judged like he has in the past with other churches. He told us his main concern that he felt was holding him up which was feeling like he couldn't be forgiven for the things that he had done and the type of life he has lived. He doesn't feel like God could love a child that has stuffed up as bad as he has so we are really stressing repentance and helping him realize that we can be forgiven of any of our sins.

Other than that my week has been pretty much normal and there hasn't been anything too crazy happening. Duffus has been emailing me and telling me about all the stuff he is doing and the girls he is dating. He is loving life and has sent me heaps of photos cause when he got home he got to go to E.F.Y and be a counsellor and then after that went to convention which is where all the Y.S.A from around Australia get together and have a massive party/dance thing and they just hang out for like a week. He asked me if I wanted anything for my birthday haha.

I hope all is going well at home and that the renters were able to move in smoothly!!
-Elder Barnett

-PO Box 97 Marden, SA 5070 Australia

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