Sunday, March 29, 2015

Staying in The Grove - There's always a bright side!

Well for some reason this is the most nervous I have ever been for transfer information and I am kinda torn at what happened. I will be remaining in Golden Grove and Elder Rawlings will be packing and going somewhere else. I am exited that I am staying in the area but I am really nervous about who my next companion is going to be cause this area is extremely difficult.... It also sucks being the one to stay in the area cause you have to lead everything and show the new missionary around and pretty much do everything so you have a lot of pressure to preform and do well, hopefully I can take it on ok, and that my new comp is chill!

This week has been blehh and the crappiest thing that happened this week was yesterday when we rocked up to Roy's house to see how he was going and Tracy came out and told us he wasn't up for it right now. Its so strange that Roy isn't even coming out and seeing us now. So this has been the second time that we have tried to see him and haven't been able to. We may try one more time this week with the new comp but if that fails we may have to drop him for a little while. David is still moving along and nothing has really changed with him and he is really our ONLY that's why I'm so nervous for this next transfer cause I think we will just be hitting the streets all day every day.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!!!! Guess where we get to go today for P-DAY?!?!!?! We are going to the Gorge wildlife park! Its only 15 bucks and you get to go see HEAPS of animals and you get to hold Koalas and Kangaroos for FREE!! They have like a petting zoo type deal with heaps of Roo's jumping around and they have albino ones as well and you get to play with them as much as you want. Apparently its the only place where you can hold a Koala for free. Needless to say I am so freaking exited!

The highlight of my week was being able to build a really good relationship with a less active member named Murray Shepard. He served his mission here and then came back and married a girl that they were teaching. He is the guy that we were watching the dogs for while he was in Queensland. We bumped into him and his family while we were in Tea Tree Plaza grabbing some lunch and we were able to sit down and chat with him and his wife and they were so grateful that we were willing to help them out. We will be seeing them this week as well and hopefully we can have a lesson with them and maybe get Murray back to church!

I got some solid photos this week that I will be sending you!!

Also I really need to send off the Aboriginal paintings that I have and also the picture from Casey Stoner. I don't want those getting ruined and I really want them framed so I can hang them up.

Love you all!
Elder Barnett

The following pics are just a little P-Day fun and Elder Barnett "bonding" with his baby!  

Elder Rawlings, Barnett and friend Malachi Castle  Sunburns!!!!!

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