Sunday, March 29, 2015

Work Hard, Play Hard - Keep Smiling! (Even if you gotta fake it!)

Hellllooo family!!!!

New transfer and new companion!!! Shucks things have been absolutely cray cray here.... Like you have no idea!!!  So my new companions name is Elder Cook and your not going to believe where he was just serving. He just came from being the Assistant to the President for the past 5 transfers and now he is on his last transfer with me in Golden Grove so I will be "killing him".  (Last area/ last comp) I was so shocked when he was up at the pulpit reading out transfer information and said that he would no longer be the assistant and that he would be serving with me!! He looked right at me and gave me the cheekiest smile and my heart dropped.  haha!!!   I thought I was screwed cause the "big bad assistant" was going to be my comp for his last transfer, but so far it has been absolutely great!! He is from Dallas Texas!! So naturally we have some common ground but unfortunately he has never been to Sonny Bryans!!

I have never worked so hard in MY LIFE....I have never talked to more people and never gone tracting or street contacting as much as I have with him. I could probably count on 1 hand how many people I have passed WITHOUT talking to in the past week!   We have been working non-stop I have really come to love the work!!!  I have had some times where I just have to sit down and take a breather cause we are doing so much  and yes there have been times where I have gotten really sad and depressed but I have been praying for strength every single night that I will be able to go out and do everything I can the next day and that the Lord will sustain me throughout it. 

So the highlight for this week....Although we have been working extremely hard we haven't seen much come from it. We have found a lot of potentials but haven't been able to follow up with them yet and have them become new investigators. Anyway we had a miracle yesterday that we know came from the Lord because of our diligence and perseverance. It may not have been because of the work that we were doing but it was because we have stayed faithful and knew that something would come of it eventually. 

So yesterday at church,  a massive family rocked up that we have never seen before and they took up an entire row, mind you there are only like 80 people usually at church. We went up and introduced ourselves and they said they were the Ratcliffe family and they had moved here from Sydney about a year ago and haven't been to church since they were in Sydney. They have 5 kids and the oldest is 12 and he doesn't have the Priesthood yet and then they have a 9 year old that isn't baptized yet and they asked us if we could come and teach all the kids about the church and prepare the 9 year old to be baptized!! They also have two 7 year old girls that are twins and their birthday is in September and we will be preparing them for baptism as well!! What a crazy miracle aye?!?!

Other than that things have been great here and I have been really happy this past week and I am just gonna keep on smiling even when things get me Ive gotten really good at faking looking happy haha!!!

I hope everyone has been going good and I cannot believe that Pheobes is getting married.......holy crap.... Also I read dads email and I love the photos of nicks place! That bathroom looks mint!!

Ok, I have HEAPS of photos from the Gorge Wildlife Park and I will send you what I can since the internet here isn't working so well right now!!  Oh- Also since I will be  "killing"  Elder Cook here that means that I have a 99% chance that I will be here next transfer.....2 areas and I will have been out for a year... hahahaha I love it!! Hopefully somewhere cool is where I'm headed next!!!....

Alrighty - guess we are leaving. Apparently we are gonna go on a hike up Anstey's hill which is a lookout point!! I will get some more good photos.

Love you guys so much!!

-Elder Barnett 
-PO Box 97 Marden, SA 5070 Australia




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