Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Church is True, MANG!

Hey guys!!

I just saw all the pictures yous all sent to me of Andrew and Sam both on hospital beds!! What the heck is goin on?! The Barnett's look like they are goin downhill hard! At least they both had smiles on their faces! I was lucky enough to go over to the Hynd's house yesterday after church a late lunch/early dinner and sister Hynd's sat me down and got on facebook and clicked on mums page and I got to see all the stuff you have been posting and I got to see Sam's basketball video that Allie made! It was so good and I was so proud standing there saying "That's my SISSY!!" Then I saw the pic of drew and it really caught me off guard, I had totally forgot that you had mentioned that he was having issues with the cartilage in his knee, have you gotten the results back yet?

I read the post about how Sam is livin the dream life and being hand fed cesar salad....hahahaha.  It reminded me of when she had her panic attack and we were all sitting around her and she would yell for some gummy worms and Allie went and got them from Smiths. Ahhh those were the days. Sam you are a crack up!

Unfortunately I forgot my little sd card reader so I cant send any pictures to you today but just as we were walking into the library my zone leader, Elder Miller, handed me a letter that looks like my birthday letter from Sam! I cant wait to read it when I get home:) I have been writing letters this week and I will be sending off the one I am writing to Sam but luckily I'm not far into it so I can read her letter and write back any questions that she has for me. Also is Grandma still at the house? How long has she been there? Did she come down to watch Sammy?

So Nothing major  has happened this week and we weren't able to find a new investigator but I think that was mostly my fault because I have had some bad migraines and have had to stay in the flat for more time than I would've liked. I'm still so grateful that I don't get them as bad as mum does!! 

On the bright side we did get to see David Aula which is one of our investigators and he is a really cool guy. He moved here from Venezuela to get a better life and to get away from all of the violence that is happening there, He said its like a war zone and when you walk out your front door to go to work you don't know if you will be coming back home. We taught him about the importance of the Book of Mormon and the lesson went really well but we still think he isn't completely understanding the Apostasy because he wants to go back to Venezuela in July and see what the Catholic church is like (the church he grew up in).  His sister is a member and so is her husband and they have been great in helping to teach,  but David feels like he completely agrees with the bible and the Book of Mormon and says that they are pretty much the same thing, even though he says he knows the Book is true. Its so difficult when you feel like you are explaining something so simply and someone still doesn't understand and you just want to shake them and say THE CHURCH IS TRUE MANG!! He believes that pretty much all churches teach the same thing and that's why he doesn't think he needs to get baptized or join another church.

So I have a gospel question to test Sam or Allie on. If someone thinks all Christian churches are true and they all teach pretty much the same thing (which is kinda true) which part of our church are they not understanding. (Hint its the first thing we teach people) and its what sets our church apart from everyone else.  I think that's been the biggest thing that I have learned this week is how much this church logically makes sense. I think that's really important for me because it is what I was so hung up on at home was that I couldn't wrap my mind around it,  But when you break down the church and the doctrines therein are so simple, and that's how we need to teach it to people. That is what makes someone a master teacher, if you can take something as complex as the gospel and simplify it down so it is easy enough for a child to understand.

Ya dad told me that you sent that package to Kirwan and I forgot to tell you his last name was L!! Haha I bet he needed some love cause the MTC is rough for the first little bit!! Ahhh now you got me thinkin about chicken noodle soup.... Tell dad I have been dreaming about some of his soup with the Kale in it and also any kind of meat that has been smoked!! I miss potatoes so much and Im sad I didn't pay enough attention to how you make them so good but even if I did,  I don't have the time to make them:(The office gave us all these little cook books and we tried making some shepherds pie and it turned out pretty good. I really just miss a good salad and don't even get me started on thinking about a Texas Roadhouse house salad right now..... I tried to make a Waldorf salad and it was ehhhhh. Next time I might try something more simple haha!  Yes, they have peanut butter here lolz hahaha I was wondering why you sent me that at Christmas!!!  :0   I have been collecting recipes I like from members when we are having tea. I just cant be bothered to make anything plus buying all these little ingredients that you need,  are just gonna use a little bit of and never use again,  starts to add up $$$! 

So today is P-day and I'm feeling like I need a Yiros for lunch (dad I wish you were here man) you are gonna be so surprised when I get home and you see how much I can eat hahaha!  the Lebanese food here is PRIME. I still reckon the place in downtown Seattle is better doe!! I love you!! I will take some pics of me today eating that Yiros so dad can get his mouth watering;)

Love you!
Elder Barnett

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